Getting Started

Q1. How do I create an account?

Q2. How do I change my account information?

Q3. How do I change my username or avatar?

Q4. How do I change my password?

Q5. Can I play multiple games from one account?

About MegaFans

Q1. What is MegaFans?

Q2. Can I win real money?

Q3. How much does it cost to play?

Q4. Is this legal?

Playing the Games

Q1. Who can compete?

Q2. How do I play the games?

Q3. How do I view my game history?

Q4. What are unlimited entry events?

Q5. Why are some games pending or cancelled?

Game Rules

Q1. How do I know my opponent isn't cheating?

Q2. What happens if I tie with an opponent in a head-to-head game?

Q3. How does a player enter the same bracketed tournament multiple times?

Q4. Is a replay available for every match?

Q5. Do you reveal the outcome of cheater investigations?

Q6. How do I know a game match is based on skill?

Bonuses and Prizes

Q1. What is bonus cash?

Q2. How do I get more bonus cash?

Q3. What are trophies?

Q4. What are MegaPoints?

Q5. What is the leaderboard?

Q6. What is the VIP Program?

Deposits and Withdrawals

Q1. How do I make deposits?

Q2. How do I access deposits to play games?

Q3. How do I make a withdrawal of winnings?

Q4. How are withdrawals sent to me?

Q5. How long does it take to receive a withdrawal?


Q1. How do I contact you?

Q2. What if my game crashes?

Q3. How do I get an update on withdrawals?

Q4. Why can't I access the same daily events in every game?

FAQs - Developers

Need to know

Q1. Managing your account

Q2. Developer best practices

Q3. Testing your game

Getting Started

Q1. How do I add a game?

Q2. What are the technical requirements?

Q3. Which game engines are supported?

Q4. How do I get integration support?

About MegaFans

Q1. What is MegaFans?

Q2. How do I monetize my game?

Q3. Is this legal?